Tuesday, 26 July 2016


As I came back from my math program my Nana and Grandad were there! OMG I thought "hello" said Grandad I ran over and hugged them. It was a great surprise! Nana and Grandad were here because Mum was going to an eye appointment in Welington! So they had to take care of us. Wednesday was when it was the first day Nana and Grandad took us to Woodville and bought us lollipops they were yum! Then we drove to the playground and played for a while and we still needed to go to the maths program. On the next day ( that is Thursday ) we went to uncle bills and Nana and Granddad bought us one thing we could choose I got hilighters and then we picked up Analia and Mum and Dad came back on Friday and even if you stay at home in the holidays it can be lots of fun.

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