Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fish story

I am a fish. I'm called Sofina. I'm with my colony (my school of fish friends). Just as we stop,yummy bait comes down. Yum! Caught it! Oww! That hurts! It's a hook! My mouth is aching! The hook was reeling me up. Then I felt a towel wrapping me up.
"papa! Look" a little girl said. "It's a fish I caught a fish".
"Let's get the ruler and measure it. We might be able to bring it home" the fisher man said."Okay dad"
The little girl said.
Then in the corner of my eye I saw a seagull! Ahh! I screamed! Oh no the seagull could eat me in one gulp! He came closer I screamed even harder. Then the fisherman got out a squirty thing and squirted him with water yay! I'm saved! Then the fisherman got out the ruler. "Oh too bad, she's too small we need a bigger one" "yay!" I said. They dropped me in the water and I swam away. 
                                                         THE END

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